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Mastercard Send

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Increase efficiency digitally with the brands your consumers trust
XTM’s platform is fully integrated with Visa Direct & Mastercard Send to facilitate the distribution of funds, faster, cheaper and more efficient than cheques and ACH. We can push money to more than 2 billion Mastercard & Visa Debit and prepaid cards globally. Visa Direct and Mastercard Send is a quick and effortless way to supply funds to the cards your customers already carry.

Simplifies cross-boarder Payments

Convenient, safe, real time

Implement additional risk and fraud management

We do all
the heavy lifting

using this product

Trust your card

Pivot utilizes Visa Direct gaining the trust of their clients by offering free transfers through participating banks.

Instant pay today

Today program clients get funds pushed instantly, by a brand they can trust to securely hold their earnings. .

Visa Overseas

XTM helped JN navigate the Visa Direct relationship that they’d require to send money efficiently on their app.

Already have a financial system? Add our APIs.
Use our APIs to add this feature to your existing app, portal or webpage. With our white-labeled UI, you can customize payment flow, as well as logo and branding elements.

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