The use of cash is over and we are here to make the

Cash-2-Card transition fast, efficient, & simple!


Convert Cash to a Prepaid Mastercard®
The self-serve cash accepting kiosks empower users to easily convert their cash to a Mastercard in seconds

Three easy steps:

1. Customer adds cash via bill acceptor in kiosk Min $10 to a max of $1,000

2. Amount inserted appears on screen with dispense card button when finished

3. Mastercard is instantly activated, loaded, and dispensed from kiosk.

We are able to provide a solution for all selling environments with the ability to personalize the product.

Speed & Efficiency
Businesses can process payments faster, they don't need to worry about providing change

Reduces Germ & Virus Transmission
Exchange germ-filled cash for brand new plastic

Mastercard Zero liability fraud

We do all
the heavy lifting

Features of using Open Loop Kiosks

Attract Loop

The kiosks’ enhanced video graphics feature customized messaging and areas for sponsorship. It runs in a loop to attract customers. 

Menu Selection Screen

We have the ability to support multiple languages across the kiosks. All businesses have the option to get customized logo and card art with personalized branding.


The kiosks accept minimum and maximum amount of cash to dispense onto the card easily. Users can insert their cash and immediately receive their funds onto the cards.

Need a custom designed card?
We got you covered!
With our white-labeled solution, you can customize logo, card art, and branding elements to help leverage your business and attract users.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Ready for a simple future?

Let’s get started.