Custom or Generic, Visa or Mastercard, 
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Branded physical or virtual cards facilitating instant access to funds
Issue and service white-labeled cards for individual and business accounts. With our card issuance feature, platforms can issue cards in combination with deposit and FBO accounts. Our Mastercards can be used to perform account aggregation for transaction analysis and can be funded in a variety of ways, including ACH, RDC, Wire and Interchange payments.

Increase sales & reward actions

Simplified mass payments

Additional risk and fraud management

We do all
the heavy lifting

using this product

Creatively branded

XTM customized prepaid employee commission cards based off of WOW Mobile’s Logo and Aesthetic.

Customizable by company

Coming soon is a Pegasus Flyte Card Program, with a stellar designed card to go with it.

Real-time payments

XTM has issued cards for two customized Sunwing programs to help make their payment system simpler, and refined. 

Already have a financial system? Add our APIs.
Use our APIs to add this feature to your existing app, portal or webpage. With our white-labeled UI, you can customize payment flow, as well as logo and branding elements.

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