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Conceive a strategy that will unite and bring a group of disparate products to life.  XTM gave birth to Make Good a lifestyle brand and movement aimed at getting us back into the kitchen.  The movement is based on the reality that we (and everyone we know) loves food.  With the premise that there is nothing better or more satisfying than mastering a great dish, Make Good set out to make cooking easy.  Good.  Not complicated.

For new or timid chefs, or master chefs, Make Good was designed to be a go-to for inspiration and education. The recipes are simple. The cooking is straightforward. And the final dishes are delicious, with some of the longest standing kitchen staples: Fleischmann’s, Mazola, Weber, Beehive, and Crown.

What we did:  Website design and build.  Blog. Instagram. Facebook.  Newsletter. Recipe videos. Photography. Ambassador program. Celebrity associations. Product placement.