empire life computer
The Ask

As a prominent member of Canada’s top ten insurance companies, Empire Life strives to provide their customer’s with a uniquely superior experience. In their pursuit of superior service, Empire Life came to XTM with a unique ask: to integrate the “Dumb Ways to Die” creative assets into a new Quote & Buy Process while also reducing drop-off rates.

Seizing the opportunity to be involved in a campaign that turns the sensitive topic of life insurance upside down, XTM got busy strategizing an approach. Developing the tagline “The dumbest way to die is without life insurance”, XTM helped users interpret Empire Life’s life insurance quote process as being both a necessary and ‘easy to access’ process. Using the characters, XTM bridged the emotional gap, instilling a sense of urgency while using a sense of humour to make the tough topic of death palatable through some basic animations of the characters.

The Result?

Empire Life saw a 20% increase in the number of visitors and length of time spent on the site. Successful conversion increased by 15%.