Hot Off The Press


Digital advertising and marketing agency XTM Inc. today announced the acquisition of Milk Lab Design Studio (Milk), a young, millennial creative agency that has worked in packaging and design with consumer brands that include Fortinos, Barroco Coffee Co. and Umanii. The acquisition brings art, creativity and beauty to the experience, logic and insight of XTM.

“Throughout the past decade, XTM has earned a reputation for solid and strategic communications and technological prowess. Our business grew from the success of the complex digital design and builds and discovery campaigns executed by my early partners Tonja Launen and her UI/UX work with AT&T and Heart and Stroke Foundation, Dawna Henderson founder and former CEO of hendersonbas and me with my PR and communications background,” said Marilyn Schaffer, XTM President.

“Our clients tell us that we are the best at what we do,” added Marilyn. “But, we needed millennials to market to the increasingly growing number of millennials we are targeting during the course of our business. So, we searched, we found, and we bought Milk. We like to think of it as beauty and the best.”

“We are really excited to join the logic and insight of the XTM team. This union will get us to where we want to be about two years earlier than we anticipated,” said Giuliana Muto, co-founder, Milk.

“I’m delighted to bring my artistry to life with XTM’s global 1000 clients,” said Keeya Nunes co-founder, Milk. “We’re already deep into working on campaigns that are highly intelligent, strategic and creative. This rocks!”

Keeya Nunes has been appointed Art Director and Giuliana Muto is Creative Director at XTM.