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XTM Inc. is ‘Catching up’ with the Win of French’s global social business

XTM Inc. a digital agency recognized for its strong combination of logic, insight and artistry won the global French’s Foods social/digital account.  Catherine Dennis, a veteran marketer in the CPG space is leading the business.

“I am excited to be working on The French’s Foods business,” said Catherine Dennis.  “I have a passion for these brands that extends from my time working on them as a marketer.  I am also thrilled as a consumer to be working on the French’s and Frank’s RedHot brands – brands that stand for really wonderful things in consumers’ minds.   I am looking forward to bringing these brands to life digitally.”

“Our business environment is rapidly changing,” said Elliott Penner, President of The French’s Foods Company.  “Our acceleration into the social and digital space makes this even more important.  Now more than ever one voice on a global scale will be the norm.  What was once global or foreign is now local.  XTM is helping us to take a less parochial view of our interaction and communication with our consumers on a multi-channel basis.  It is all about speaking with – not to – our consumers.”